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Firescape Theatre is presenting an excellent production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest performed by admirable cast of eight splendid actors with spot-on British accents.
— Richard Connema,
For me, Firescape Theatre’s “Brilliant Lies” achieves the impossible by taking us past the bullshit and into the realites of these showdown.
— Irene Nelson, Theatrius
A funny, bitter thriller with lots of laughs and energy...a roller coaster ride.
— Irene Nelson, Theatrius
Topical, funny, and thoughtful... The script is touching, and the pedigree of the Beverly Hills Playhouse as an acting school shines through in the talented and energetic cast.
— Daniel Lilly, Theatrius
One of the best small theater experiences we’ve had in SF. Story was intriguing from the first moment actors came on the stage. Nothing was predictable. Actors were superb. Had never even heard of this theater before but if this show was representative of what they do, we look forward to their next season. If you love theater, go to this play!
Excellent cast, fast paced, funny... Needs to be seen more than once to catch all the humor. Loved it.
This is a charming little theater with blooming actors. This play captured Sherwood’s humor and twisted subtext. Each actor developed their own unique character that gave this play a colorful ensemble. I recommend this play to anyone who enjoys the hidden gems of SF and the arts.
Really excellent production! The play contained a realistic insight into the psychological interaction between men and women. It was very well acted and we were kept engaged by the cast throughout.
It’s a fun, intelligent comedy by Steve Martin, playing with science and art facts, witty characters, and silliness to spare. The acting by the leads is terrific; as for one or two others, I’d like to have stepped in with the playbook and performed myself. (What fun!) The entire production: What fun!

Best show I have seen at Beverly Hills Playhouse SF. Peter Allas does a great job in the lead and everyone onstage held my interest for the full 90 minutes. Funny with some truly tense moments.
What an exciting theater experience. If you love David Mamet’s dialogue and great acting, you’ll love it. For Goddesses’ sake, don’t complain about the sexism. That’s what it’s about. In addition, there was another special part of the evening’s experience. A bonus. But I won’t spoil it for you.
Great show! Nice, intimate theater experience and the acting was superb! Grab a date and go see!